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As the recently appointed leader of CBSHOME, I am excited to continue the legacy of exceptional service to our clients who buy and sell homes in the Omaha metro area.

My previous experience in leading the NLTA and working in real estate law has helped to shape my career for leading this company. I'm eager to see my agents thrive in the real estate market and can't wait to see the happiness when buyers finally find their dream home.

It will be my priority to ensure this honored company has qualified agents and excellent service. I can't wait to continue working with the great company of CBSHOME Real Estate.


Our Staff


159 Dodge Manager
Judy Burford

Sarpy Manager
Bryan Fraser

159 Dodge Manager
Mark Leaders

159 Dodge Manager
Trudy Meyer


Our Locations


159 Dodge Agent Services

15950 W Dodge Rd
Suite #300
Omaha NE 68118

Sarpy Office

774 Olson Dr
Papillion, NE 68046